HICPIC är en personlig bildbyrå som utvecklar nya och enkla sätt att handla med bilder. Photo agency - HICPIC a Swedish photo agency

HICPIC is a personal photo agency that develops new and easy way to deal with images.

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Our images on Lens Wizard

An important part of our efforts to be a unique resource is to work in ways that other agencies do not. To find a long term solution that provides visitor traffic, inlänkningar while customer value for regular visitors so we found a unique collaboration with Lens Wizard. Lens Wizard performs a search on the focal length, aperture, and make and receive back relevant images shot with the lens being presented on their portal.

Click here to see examples of the Canon 50mm 1.4, click on the images

Our images on Lens Wizard

New time, new images, new agency

New time, new images, new agency

We can now proudly present HICPIC! With the catchwords 'simple' and 'personally', we develop workflows and technologies that reduce the distance between image buyers and photographers. We ensure that benefit the photographer extra. 60% of picture prize goes to the photographer. These agreements, we have since HICPIC is built on a own platform

The team behind HICPIC consists of Bennie Forss, owner and founder of the design firm Zenta in Växjö. Cecilia Forss, driven photographer who is passionate about her profession. Together, we are a unique set of personalities that together have a great knowledge of the business. With knowledge from technology to the imagery, we reduce step for image buyers to picture sellers in new smart solutions.

The future of HICPIC

We wont stop here. As innovation in the business, we will in the near future give our photographers access to several of our distribution functions. This means that a photographer that shoot an event can broadcast an event live and make the images available to buyers seconds after the pictures are taken

We have very exciting projects at the time but don't want to reveal too much.

The future of HICPIC


This fall, we begin our work with the Moderskeppet. Want to know more about Moderskeppet visit www.moderskeppet.se

New customers

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Lensora and HICPIC

Lensora collects facts, reviews, links, and other valuable information about the lens on one place. In November we integrated Hicpics images as sample images on lenses, aperture and focal length. Check it out at: www.lensora.com